What is The Fit Yogi Trainer?

The Fit Yogi Trainer is an e-guide, meaning it is not a hard-copy, and it is also NOT a pdf. Because my guide is “interactive” and has over 100 videos, it is not simply an “ebook” either, thus, it is in the form of an app you can download both on iOS and on Android. Since it is a mobile app, it cannot go on a desktop computer or laptop, but CAN be accessed on your mobile phone, tablet, and ipad. The Fit Yogi Trainer is an extensive guide geared towards beginners to fitness and yoga. It is a very structured, day-by-day program that is four weeks long and meant to be repeated so you can compare your progress. Each day gives you a HIIT workout, strength drill, yoga flow, yoga pose, and nutritional tip that all correlate to help you progress quickly and effectively. The guide is made up of over 100 instructional videos that breakdown exercises and workouts.

What is Playbook?

Playbook is a subscription app on which I have my own channel. On my channel, I assume you have some background knowledge and familiarity with fitness and yoga. I update my channel weekly with new workouts and new yoga flows and tutorials, so there’s always something new. That said, it is not structured “day-by-day” in an outline like TFYT guide. Rather, it is a bunch of workouts and tutorials and insights you can pick and choose from. Playbook also has many "real time" video workouts, meaning I do the workout with you!

Can I use both The Fit Yogi Trainer and Playbook?

Yes! The Fit Yogi Trainer will help you build a solid foundation in fitness and yoga so that you can participate in the Playbook workouts and yoga simulataneously, or when you feel comfortable. Sometimes it's nice to have the daily structure of The Fit Yogi Trainer, or be able to choose something different with Playbook.

I didn't receive my $10 off discount code

If you subscribed to a free trial of my Playbook channel, but didn’t receive an email with the discount code for $10 off The Fit Yogi Trainer, please email me at thefityogitrainer@gmail.com, and attach a screenshot of your subscription and I will take care of you!

How can I get Playbook?

First, download Playbook from the iOS App Store. Then, you can search me under “Kenzie” or simply click this link that will take you straight to my channel. From there, you can see and access the free content, start a free trial, or subscribe for $9.99 a month. Link: http://playbook.app.link/kenzie

I have an Android phone...?

My guide, The Fit Yogi Trainer, is available on BOTH iOS and Android devices, so no worries there! You can download the app from iOS Apple Store and the Google Playstore. Currently, Playbook is exclusively on iOS - but is coming SOON to Android! I will announce when it does!

How do I get The Fit Yogi Trainer?

First, you will purchase my guide from my website. You can click here: Purchase The Fit Yogi Trainer Carefully enter your email correctly when you purchase so you can receive the activation email. If it is mistyped, the email won’t go through. After that, you should immediately receive an activation email with a link to create your own password so that you can login to the app. You will download the app from either the iOS App store or the Google Playstore, and then use your email and password to login! If you didn’t get the activation email, please check your spam or junk mail because sometimes it goes there. If you still need help, please email me at thefityogitrainer@gmail.com

Accessing The Fit Yogi Trainer after purchase

After purchasing my guide from my website, you should immediately get an activation email. If you don’t see it, please check your spam or junk mail because sometimes it goes there. If you still don’t have it, please email me at thefityogitrainer@gmail.com with your full name and the email you entered upon purchasing and I’ll figure it out. ¨̮ Can’t login? Please email me at thefityogitrainer@gmail.com and tell me your full name, the email you use to log in normally, and what error message (if any) you are getting. I will make sure we get you in asap!

What equipment do I need?

All the workouts in The Fit Yogi Trainer and most of the workouts on my Playbook (unless otherwise specified) are made to function on little-to-no equipment so you can do them at home. That said, there are a few things that I suggest you have, so you can get the most out of the workouts: Jump Rope Resistance Bands (the kind that fit around your legs) Dumbbells (one heavier set, one lighter set) Yoga mat Workout Bench (super simple one) - this is a bonus if you can get one. *In my guide, The Fit Yogi Tranier, I also spend a chapter on how to turn TFYT workouts into workouts that use gym equipment.

NO SOUND in The Fit Yogi Trainer

Can't hear sound in the videos? No worries. This is a simple fix. The ringer button on the side of your phone must be switched ON for the app to play sound. If it's silenced, the app won't play sound.

I don't live in the U.S., can I still participate?

YES! That’s the beauty of technology. If you have a mobile device and an internet signal you can literally access my guide or Playbook from ANYWHERE in the world! Woo! If for some reason you are having any trouble purchasing my guide or downloading Playbook, or you don’t have a credit card to use, please email me at thefityogitrainer@gmail.com and I can figure it out with you.

What devices can I use TFYT on?

You can put The Fit Yogi Trainer on up to 3 devices. It is a mobile app, meaning it can go on phones, tablets, and ipads. It is NOT a desktop app, so it cannot be put on a laptop or desktop computer. It is also not compatible with Kindles, as Kindle does not play video. If you ever get a new phone or have a device you can't access the app on anymore, please email me at thefityogitrainer@gmail.com and I can reset devices for you.

What if I'm pregnant?

Firstly, you must recognize that every woman’s body and pregnancy is different. The best rule to live by is this: If you were active in a regular fitness routine before getting pregnant, you can continue your physical activity while you’re pregnant *as long as you don’t have any conditions that prevent you from doing so. If you were NOT active before your pregnancy, now is NOT the time to start a rigorous workout regimen. That said, you should ask your Dr. about your health conditions, and also simply listen to your body. If anything is ever painful, you should stop immediately. The Fit Yogi Trainer has lower-impact, less rigorous modifications written by each exercise in every workout, so you can adjust the workout to your needs. My Playbook workouts don’t have modifications for every exercise, although sometimes I offer them. I have had many pregnant women use my guide and do the workouts safely. But please be safe and smart about your own pregnancy and body.


The Fit Yogi Trainer is a one-time payment of $59.99 (normally, not on sale), in USD. Playbook is subscription based, $14.99, in USD. All prices are in USD.

Can I get a refund?

As this product is digital, it is deemed "used" after download or opening. This unfortunately means there is a strict, no refund policy in regards to dissatisfaction with product. If you have a special case or see a duplicate charge please email me at thefityogitrainer@gmail.com so I can help you!


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