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My guide is set up as a timely four-week program to be followed, to build a solid foundation in fitness and yoga, with over 100 videos that breakdown workouts and individual exercises. Each day you get a HIIT workout and a strength drill, yoga flow, and yoga pose that directly correlate with the workout to better progress you in strength, flexibility, balance, and more. You'll also get ample written instruction, including daily nutrition tips. Each day's workout and yoga fit into ONE hour daily and can be done anywhere, with minimal equipment. My guide is also set up to encourage you to document your journey so you can see your progress (which I promise you'll feel!) and be part of #thefityogitrainer community.  

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My Playbook channel is the perfect companion to my guide, as Playbook allows me to post new content each week, specific to your needs and requests. This platform also gives me somewhere to share more advanced workouts, yoga flows and tutorials, and insights about my lifestyle, so you can continue to build on your progress from The Fit Yogi Trainer. Armed with both my guide and my Playbook channel, you'll have everything you need - the possibilities are endless and we will never get bored. I'm excited to share more with you! :D