My Playbook - Train With Me

My workouts + yoga updated weekly, created for you!

From $8.33 a month


Playbook is a subscription app where I have my own channel

and I post NEW workouts and yoga for you every week! 


Updated Weekly

Each Sunday night I post a new workout to kick your butt and start the new week right.


What you want

Request the type of yoga flows and tutorials you want, to break down skills and keep your body and mind healthy after tough workouts. 


Share your sweat

Tag me > @yogoskenz < in all your sweaty selfies, in your posts and stories, so I can see them and repost! 

What kind of workouts?

  • Wide variety

  • Follow-along videos too

  • Intense HIIT workouts

  • 15-30 minutes

  • Cardio

  • Arms + Core

  • Legs

  • Full Body 

  • Special Challenges

  • Sweat

  • Build + Tone Muscle

What do I need? 
  • Workouts vary. 

  • Can be done at home OR gym 

  • Bodyweight

  • Minimal equipment (mat, rope, bands, dumbbells, bench)

  • Gym Equipment (Treadmill, Squat rack or Smith machine, Barbells // weights, Pull-up bar)


Let's Do This. 
Whether you have my Playbook, my guide, or both, you will have everything you need to start and maintain a fitness + yoga routine, and never get bored. Click below to download Playbook.

>> From $8.33 a month <<


Playbook & The Fit Yogi Trainer

 What's the difference? 

Fresh, evolving content;  workouts & yoga

  • Subscription app; currently on iOS

  • Updated weekly with new content

  • Yoga Tutorials as requested

  • Rate my workouts & give direct feedback 

  • More advanced workouts

  • Workouts are 15-30 min. 

  • Many follow-along videos (I do the workout with you)

  • Pick & choose what you do each day



The Fit Yogi Trainer;

An extensive beginner's guide to fitness & yoga

  • An app; on iOS and Android

  • One time payment

  • Geared towards beginners 

  • Tons of educational & instructional written content

  • 4-week Program meant to be repeated (so you can compare progress)

  • Structured daily: 

    • Daily workout, strength drill, yoga flow, yoga pose, and nutritional tip

  • Over 100 instructional videos

  • Workouts are HIIT, all 20-30 min.

    • Have written modifications so you can choose the intensity

Still have questions? See support page

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