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photo by @angelayoungphotography

Hello! I'm Kenzie,

and I'm obsessed with fitness and yoga. But first, I'm a wife and mom. I'm married to Taft, and have three babes (who you may very well know if you follow my instagram!) - Jack, James, and Lola bear. And let's not forget our pup, Kona! Our home is in Utah, in the USA, and there's no place we'd rather be.

I grew up in an active family with a background in fitness. I've taken strength training classes and participated in running and calisthenics since middle school and through all four years of college and have made learning about fitness my passion. I love training for and running Spartan Races every year. I still work out hard and lift weights every morning before my yoga practice. I love sharing this knowledge and feel humbled that people are interested in how I mesh my work-outs and yoga together seamlessly.


In March of 2014, I found yoga through Instagram and realized I had no idea what yoga really was. I fell in love just seeing it and committed to a self-taught practice that has changed my life in more than one way. I dedicated (and continue to dedicate) endless hours to teaching myself yoga from my home. I started my Instagram page, @yogoskenz, simply to participate in yoga challenges to help me learn. I had no idea this page would lead me to where I am today, connecting with literally thousands of people, and sharing my life with them. It warms me to know that I am helping anyone, and inspiring others who want to be fit and learn yoga too. 


I also have a Bachelor's degree in English Education, and although I'm not currently teaching, I absolutely love teaching high school English.

Other loves include Harry Potter (duh), writing, drawing, playing the piano, and being outside. Give me all the mountain hikes and waves at the beach! 

I'm unapologetically me, and believe in being 100% authentic on social media. I share my beliefs and passions, which include fighting for good, praising God, and loving my country.

I wouldn't be HERE without all the kind souls who are willing to follow and support me in this journey, so I thank you.